Apart from the usual oral and poster presentations, we introduce a new type in this congress, the short oral communication. This lasts only 6 min with no questions. Presentation types and the time allocated to each are as follows:

  • Oral presentation: 12 min + 3 min for questions
  • Short oral presentation: 6 min, no questions
  • Poster presentation: one day at least

We will try to satisfy your preferences regarding presentation types but we may need to ask you to change it to another type. To minimize this possibility and for proper allocation of time slots, we ask you to choose a typical oral presentation only when the research you want to communicate is mature enough. This means that your presentation will not be limited to introductory issues and methodological approaches nor will it contain only preliminary results. For such cases, it is more appropriate to choose a short oral or a poster presentation.

In the Submission form, you are requested to choose two topics from the 19 provided, which are closer to the research you want to present.  

Attention! Change of poster size

Because of the large number of poster presentations, the poster size has changed. Please ensure that your poster does not exceed  59 cm Χ 120 cm (portrait). The recommended weight is 140 g m-1 for plotter paper and 175 g m-1 for photographic paper. We kindly ask you to insert a photo of the presenting author on the top left corner of the poster. 

Participants with posters that arrive early on at Thessaloniki can hand them over on Thursday, October 20th, at 12.00-16.00, at the KEDEA building (Basement). Else, posters can be handed over the day of the corresponding sessions, early in the morning (8.30-9.30), in the same place. Posters will be displayed only for one day.

There will be a prize for the poster that participants like most.  

ΙNSTRUCTIONS for oral presentations

DURATION: Please ensure that the duration of your presentation does not exceed 12 min (for oral) or 6 min (for short oral) in total.

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION: All presentations should be submitted to the addresses [kalliman@bio.auth.gr και  dchalkos@bio.auth.gr] (to both) before Sunday (16 October) night to be organized in the central presentation management system.

FORM. Presentations need to be prepared in Powerpoint. In order to avoid problems of incompatibility, they should be files of type .ppt  NOT .pptx. In case your file is of the .pptx form, you should change it to .ppt before submission. We also accept presentations in pdf form.

NAME: File names should be in standard latin character set.

REPLACEMENT: If you need to replace the file that you will have submitted, the new file should have exactly the same name.

Congress poster