The topics that the Congress will cover are described below. Congress sessions will not be necessarily identical to topics. They will be determined later, after the submission of abstracts.


1. Population Ecology
2. Community Ecology
3. Landscape Ecology – Remote Sensing
4. Marine Ecology
5. Functional Ecology
6. Evolutionary Ecology
7. Genetic Diversity - Molecular Ecology
8. Soil Ecology
9. Biogeography
10. Ethology
11. Ecological Modeling - Mathematical Ecology
12. Ecophysiology - Ecomorphology
13. Ecotoxicology
14. Biological Invasions
15. Biometeorology - Climate Change and Impact on Species and Ecosystems
16. Patterns and Conservation of Biodiversity
17. Management of Habitats and Protected Areas
18. Ecology and Society - Applications of Ecological Research
19. Education for Environment and Sustainability

Special sessions

Several special sessions have been organized to deal with current issues and concerns. Topics and conveners are as follows:

1. Ecological research beyond the academic frontier

a. Environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

b. Management bodies of protected areas

Hellenic Ecological Society (HELECOS) – V. Kati, D. Vokou, D. Koutsoubas, NGOs representative

2. Biomonitoring in Greece
Hellenic Ecological Society (HELECOS) – V. Kati, I. Tsiripidis, D. Vokou

3. Management and governance of protected areas in Greece - The ‘Open Standards’ methodology
S. Vareltzidou, P. Lymberakis, M. Koutrakis

4. Convergence of actions for blue development and good environmental quality: Marine protected areas and spatial planning
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) – V. Vassilopoulou, P. Karachle

5. Environment and innovative technologies for algae
Hellenic Phycological Society – S. Orfanidis, M. Moustaka


The former President of HELPS (now Vice President) Prof. Christos Katsaros will be honoured within this session for his contribution to the Federation of European Phycological Societies ( as Chairman for the biennium 2014-2016.

6. Ecology-related graduate programs and summer schools in Greece
P.G. Dimitrakopoulos, Α.C. Pageorgiou, S. Giokas, D. Vokou

7. Use of poisoned baits and impacts on wildlife – National action plan
Hellenic Ornithological Society – S. Kazantzidis, Κ. Demiri

8. Τhe "impact factor syndrome" and the future of scientific publishing
J.M. Halley, M. Hochberg, Κ.I. Stergiou


Congress poster